Friday, January 30, 2009

Blood test..

Yesterday my uncle treat us eat dinner at midland restaurant..
They brought some wine,XO n brandy..
Some of the wine kept for too long spoil liao..
So we drank XO..

2day my mum n i hav to do blood test..
N ytr we stil drink XO..
Ltr the report come out FAIL eh..
But don care la..

This morning 7.30..
my mum wake me up..
coz my uncle come 2 our house liao..
i stil blur blur...

After that, i went down n i saw tat needle...
I keep ask him spray more analgesic 4 me..
Plus he cant find my vein..
Damn scare nia...

I keep whining...
until my mum n my grandpa scold me..
say me damn noisy..

Pain lik crazy...
but they seems ok nia...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Searching for NDS game download..

Was searching for whole day for NDS game dl..
Damn headache..
Cant find the rite wan...
most of the web site jus intro the games to us..

After a searching for some time,
finally reach a website where i can download the games..
But it took me a veryyyyyyyyyyy long time to download..
Damn fustrated....

Stuck half way...
It took 1hr 20min to reach 83%....
N then it stuck...

Wat can i say then...
Gai nia...
Tis days damn suih nia..

2nit stil hav dinner 2 attend..
Midlands Restaurant..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A visit to my aunt's house

The night b4 CNY,
my family n i went to my aunt's house..
She decorated her house so beautifully...

Actually we went there 4 wine..
We wanted to bring a bottle of wine there..
But my other aunt keep rush us..Faster faster...
So ma dint bring liao lo..

But its ok eh..
Coz my aunt's house got many kinda alcoholic drinks..

All this photo i took from the shelf..
There r more..
But they started to drink ABSOLUT MANDRIN liao...
So, i oso go for it..

Damn nice wen mix it wit lime..
U all can giv it a try.. : )

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jus come back from red box..
suppose ytr got go red box eh..
but too late..
so i canot go..

then 2day my aunt bring me 2 red box..
many empty room loo...
no ppl..
So, we get extra 1hr free..

But we dint sing for extra 1hr coz my uncle(elvin) wana go island plaza..
He wana buy his CNY clothes..
I also manage 2 buy a polo T for my dad..
I lik..

i suppose everyone ready for steamboat..
even the road also a few cars only..

I now got tin 2 do liao...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Auspicious colour to wear to start work


4th day- white

6th day- white/light blue

9th day- white

12th day- -


4th day- white

6th day- light blue/beige

9th day- red/brown

12th day- red/brown


4th day- light blue

6th day- light blue

9th day- light red

12th day- light blue/blue


4th day- light blue

6th day- light blue

9th day- light red

12th day- light blue/blue


4th day- -

6th day- light blue/beige

9th day- red/brown

12th day- red/brown


4th day- green/light green

6th day- green/light green

9th day- red/light red

12th day- red/light red


4th day- green/light green

6th day- -

9th day- red/light red

12th day- red/light red


4th day- white

6th day- light blue/beige

9th day- red/brown

12th day- red/brown


4th day- white

6th day- beige/yellow

9th day- white

12th day- light blue


4th day- white

6th day- beige/yellow

9th day- -

12th day- light blue

Auspicious Colour to Wear on CNY..

1st day- white
2nd day- green
3rd day- green
4th day- white
5th day- white

1st day- red/brown
2nd day- beige/yellow
3rd day- beige/yellow
4th day- white/light blue
5th day- white

1st day- light red
2nd day- green
3rd day- green
4th day- blue/green
5th day- light blue

1st day- light red
2nd day- green
3rd day- green
4th day- blue/green
5th day- light blue

1st day-red/brown
2nd day- beige/yellow
3rd day- beige/yellow
4th day- white/light blue
5th day- white

1st day- red
2nd day- green
3rd day- green
4th day-green
5th day- green

1st day- red
2nd day- green
3rd day- green
4th day- green
5th day- green

1st day- red/brown
2nd day- beige/yellow
3rd day- beige/yellow
4th day- white/light blue
5th day- white

1st day- white
2nd day- yellow/beige
3rd day- yellow/beige
4th day- white
5th day- white

1st day- white
2nd day- yellow/beige
3rd day- yellow/beige
4th day- white
5th day-white


This days dint post anytin..
Bz watching taiwan movie..

2day wen out wit jacyline they all..
de road very jam a.....
Bei Tahan..

samore the weather soooo hot....
muz drink more water..
abo a, sur fall sick eh...

After CNY, me, jacyline n wei li gona join Danzity..
Dono can dance bo..
No experience at all...

luckily got wei li accompany me..
Both beginners..
Not lik Jacyline...
Soooo expert liao...

Damn hot nia...
No mood 2 type liao..

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Eat Eat Eat..

I went to QB with my family..
They wanted to have their dinner at Canton-i..
My aunt(Amy) wanted to share her food with me..
So i agreed..

She ordered a plate of 'Char Hor Fun'..
I dun lik Hor Fun wan..
But she told me it is delicious..
So ma ok lor..

I oso ordered a mix fruit dessert..

I really enjoy the dessert..
The blended ice is so fine n smooth...

Wen the Hor Fun was served,
I tried and i don really enjoy it!!..
Since my aunt love it soo much...
I expect she can finish it lor...
She eat less than half of the plate..
Proven she lied to me...
Erm, actually i understand she wana on diet eh..

Anyway, after that, we went for a walk..
I bought an ear ring..
Then, we went home..

That nit, i couldnt sleep..
So i play Chor Dai Ti wit my uncle..
Until 1.30am..

After Playin, he wanted to cook maggie mee 4 himself..

He added 2 prawns, 2 BIG scallop, n some abalone slice..


N of coz....
I took one of the scallop n 4 slices of abalone..

After that, i went to bed around 2am..

That's all for now..
Stay tune 4 more..

Manicure & Pedicure

Yesterday i went out with my aunt(Nini)..
We were planning to go gurney..
But b4 that, we drop jojo(dog) for grooming..

N we went to fetch one of her friend,Ah Li..
Ah Li wanted to for a pedicure 1st b4 we go to gp..

So, went to the shop..
It is well decorated..

Ah Li is sitting on the red chair..

My aunt is helpin the owner to serve Ah Li..
She is gud at many things..
especially in make up..
If anyone interested can find me for her contact number yea..

After a long time at the shop...
my aunt was very hungry liao...
but Ah Li's pedicure was not done yet..
N she decided to come back again 2moro to complete her pedicure...

Then, we went to Taman Emas for laksa...
After that, we cant make it to gurney as i need 2 reach home early..
So pai se...

We then drop Ah Li back home..
Fetch Jojo...
And drop me back home..
Well, i really enjoy myself..
especially having Jojo in the car..
But sadly i dint manage to take Jojo's photo..
forget jor...
Perhaps next time ba.. ;p

Wana go watch tv liao..
Tata : )
Hav a nice day everyone XD

Miss U all vry much CFP family..

Sooo miss u all nia...
Miss all the crazy things we had done..
All the debate we had...

Jun Chang was so jealous that i wrote in my msn,'i gona miss wei li'..
He said i dint miss them wor..
Oli miss wei li..
I bo sim...
Aiyo, jun chang...
Dun so small gas la...

Sure gona miss all of u eh....
Even i cant hang out owez wit u guys,
we stil can play badminton ma,rit??..
Thought u owez wana shoot me??..

I not in DCMAU..
U all stil got perli sofia ar??..
dun buli her la...
she's our 'bu' lai...
ltr 'bang' mari kill us baru tau..

Really miss the moment we had in class lei...
N oso de moment we keluar cari makan during break time..

Tis we took during jun chang's Bday..
Was a surprise 4 him...
Hope u lik it..Haha..

Took with min chea...
Was waiting 4 account lecturer...

Sofia,me n wei li..
Took during english lesson..
Run to the back of the class during the break..

Wei li n me...

At hostel...
But 4get do wat liao..
mayb assignment..

At sushi king...
Jacyline having 'bird flu' after she ate ayam goreng in the afternoon..

me, jack, wei li n jaycline..
She look damn sick...

So dun say i dint miss u all huh...
This section specially 4 u all...
see i sooooo gud er...
muz treat me makan know?..
k la..
Tats all 4 now..
Stay tune 4 more..

Thursday, January 15, 2009

CNY coming le ooo...

Yesterday my grandma and my mum went to pacific..
N bought something back to decorate the house for CNY..

I decorate eh lei...
I climb up n down to do the decoration...
No insurance eh if fall down..
But i manage to decorate the house and i am stil in one piece after the decoration : )

So, have all of you decorated ur house??..
Chinese New Year comin le lor..
Muz decorate nice nice yea?..
Wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year!!~

Get lots of angpaw..remember ya...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

When a photo is not just a photo..

2day i receive an e-mail from my aunt..

She send me this kinda weird but interesting photos..
So, i decided to post it and share with all of you..
I guess the photographer really took a good position to snap all tis pic
Haha XD..

The smoke can turn into a

Eww...he throw out mud.....SWT!!

OMG!!..Anything can be settle through dicussion right?....we don't have to do this.....=.=

I'm a little genie.. Make a wish...

The statue can form clouds through the horn..

It isnt hard to be a model on the front page of a magazine huh?..haha..

This is all for now...
Stay tune ;)

Pray Pray

2day i fetch my aunt to public bank n there was no parking space..
Damn gai nia...

So,I drop her n i started to search for a parking space..
After many rounds, finally.......
I manage 2 park the car...

After that, i bring my aunt to 'Tai Tei Eia'(a temple) to pai ang kong..
We oso need to pass the bad luck(kuih tai suih)..
Most of them say that horse dun hav 2 kuih tai suih..

But wen i reach there, de person who who take cares of the temple told my aunt that horse oso must kuih tai suih lei..
So i oso need lor..
N all de horses out there, pls go n pass all ur bad luck o!!..
I took a lot of the pic wen i reach the temple..

Sadly, wen i reach home, n wanted 2 bluetooth2 my laptop,
i accidentally delete some from hp coz i mark some photo..
N accidentally press tio 'c' ...
Shit nia...
So..there left a bit oli lo..
N here are some of the photo..

This is the temple we went to...

This is a BIG joss stick....Haha...

Haha..This is my hand after the praying...

Hehe...N guess wat..
I touch my dad's white shirt with my hand while the red powder thingy stil on my hand..
N his shirt is still quite new lei...Haha..Pai sei nia...
Perhaps my dad can take it as a body glove logo on a billabong shirt la..Wakaka!!..

This is all the photo i got...
Haiz..So disappointed nia..
But nvm la..
Stay tune 4 more la.. ;)


Few weeks ago we have a reunion(secondary schoolmate) in QB..
Most of them come back from KL...
I dint expect my mum will allow me to go 4 that reunion bcoz a week
b4 that reunion, i need 2 hang out wit my college friend and celebrate
Chen Aun's bday..By the way, Chen Aun also come back from KL during that holiday..

So, come back to our reunion..
Even we dint meet for 1year, everyone still look the same...
Even the attitude n character also the same lei....(childish n damn SIAO)...
Wakakaka XD..

Here are some of the picture i took during that day..

Actually she was not really shy..jus that she cant stop laughing..
N i do not know wats de reason..Haha...Damn SWT..


Took photo in toilet again..
Dono why we gals lik it so much????

They lik 2 bully me alot lei!!! Gai nia..
Especially Pei San lor...BLEK!!

This photo was took b4 we have everyone in the shot..
This is bcoz all de guy were too busy chatting away..
N i was rushing to go e gate secret recipe for an intervew..
Gai nia..

N now finally...

This group photo took us soooooo long to snap it...
Wen we were about to snap it, they'll say..
WAIT,WAIT laaa...Ah boi ready gok...

But it was really fun to hang out with u guys~..
Take care!!